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Anonymous HTTP calls using SAP Web Dispatcher
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SAP Web Dispatcher

Business scenario: The Company needs to make possible HTTP calls without using credentials, but just for one or a few clients, if other client calls this URL then credentials must be required.


Example: We have published Web Services in PI using SOAP and a consumer needs to call this web service but its policy uses only IP filters, the HTTP call of client is done using legacy systems


You can find the solution in SCN


Here we are using a HTTP header fields, in this case “Authorization”

SetHeader Authorization"Basic cG91c2VyOm15cGFzc3dvcmQ="

(You can find the full explanation in the above article of SCN)


In general, this belongs to the section “Modification HTTP Request” and subsection “Deleting, Adding, and Enhancing HTTP Header Fields” in


In general terms, you can find here the definition and other HTTP header fields since is not self-explaining.